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That depends on your training style and the amount of time you have. Remember, although this course is offered in different formats (online, in a downloadable PDF document, and as an editable Word document) the information is nearly identical. Here's more information on each format. We accept Mastercard, Visa, or American Express right here on a secure area of our site, using the most advanced encryption technology available.

Click on the buttons at the top to see an outline of the course, view samples, learn more about the different formats available, buy the course, and get help with any questions.

Online version US$495 for two years' access Buy
For only $495, you'll get two years' access to 10 chapters containing 144 pages of information on advertising sales located in a password-protected area of our Web site. Keep in mind that this is not a course on how to sell online advertising, rather a course on selling traditional print advertising that happens to be available online. This is a license for one newspaper only. Groups of newspapers should contact us directly for a quote for a corporate license--also very affordable.

With the online version, participants can work through the course at their own pace anywhere there's a computer with Web access. Some newspapers will even direct their soon-to-be salesperson to our site after an offer is made, even before the new hire actually starts, so selling begins on day one.

Access to this online course is granted with the condition that the course is used online only. Printing or copying the text is not allowed, and with all those individual pages to print, it might take as long as writing a new hires course yourself. If you'd like a hard copy of the course, we suggest you spring for the PDF or editable version below.

Printable PDF document US$795 Buy
Would you like to print this course and make a hard-copy ad sales manual? This 144-page PDF version might be for you. It's the exact same information as in the online version, but in a PDF document that you can print. This is a license for one newspaper only. Groups of newspapers should contact us directly for a quote for a corporate license--also very affordable.

Editable Word document US$1,195 Buy
Sure, the PDF version is great as a standalone basic ad sales course, but some newspapers want to take it a step further and customize it, inserting their own rate cards, readership and market studies, and other information specific to their own situation.

That's why you can also buy our course in Word format, ready for you to edit and print in no time. It'll save you weeks of work writing. Besides, don't you have better things to do than explain the difference between circulation and readership, how to scale artwork, and why everyone claims your rates are too high?

Again, this is a license for one daily newspaper or three weekly newspapers and other smaller print publications. Groups of newspapers should contact us directly for a quote for a corporate license--also very affordable.




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