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Bob at Pennsylvania Newspaper Association conference
Bob McInnis speaking at a 2012 Pennsylvania Newspaper Association "Sales Camp"

newspaper association speaker

I do speak frequently at state, national, and international newspaper conferences to publishers, managers, and ad reps.  I also speak often at the American Press Institute. I'm known for my lively seminars that combine cutting-edge techniques, real-life case studies, and humor. Participants leave with specific things that they can do to quickly and dramatically increase print and Web ad revenues.  My seminars consistently appear at the top of the conference attendee surveys.

Here's more about the current seminar I'm sharing at conferences, my bio, a list of associations at which I've spoken, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.  If you're with a newspaper association, feel free to contact me.  If you're a member of a newspaper association and would like to see me speak at your next conference, tell your association about us.

Current seminars offered

10 Biggest Inhibitors to Ad Sales and How To Overcome Them
Seminar length: can be adjusted to anywhere between 60-120 minutes
If you've ever invested in training just to find your staff drifts away from it a few weeks later, it may not be the salespeople's fault.  In this seminar, I reveal the problems specific to the newspaper industry that will actually discourage your sales staff from using the proper consultative selling approach.  I'll also share a number of solutions that will drive up your department's sales.  A must for publishers and ad directors.

Ad Sales Camp
Want to run a "sales camp" for your publishers, ad directors, and ad reps? I do this often, most recently at the Arizona Newspaper Association and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association with stellar reviews. The sessions are based on my Response Oriented Selling course, which teaches an easier way to drive major print and Web ad revenue fast. Read more about or take a look at my blog where I discuss the techniques and show ongoing examples.

  Hear Bob McInnis talk about how his course eliminates the two biggest roadblocks your ad reps face selling print and Web advertising

Biography of Bob McInnis
Bob McInnis is a former Newsday executive and president of McInnis & Associates, an international newspaper ad sales consulting firm.  His firm has implemented its unique system of ad sales, Response Oriented Selling, at over 1,000 newspapers worldwide, including the Boston Herald, Cincinnati Enquirer, Washington Business Journal, Aberdeen (Scotland) Journal, and Nottingham (U.K.) Post.  His unique solutions to the toughest areas of ad sales combined with real-life case studies have made him a favorite at the American Press Institute and countless newspaper conferences including the World Association of Newspapers (Barcelona), The Newspaper Society (U.K), The International Newspaper Marketing Association (Toronto, Boston, Texas, Costa Rica), and numerous state association conferences.  McInnis & Associates' client support web site ( contains a free area which is the home to the world's largest new hire ad sales training program.

Partial list of associations at whose conferences Bob McInnis has spoken
As you'll see, once an association has brought us in to speak with their attendees, they almost always invite us back again.

Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association
Arizona Newspaper Association (2 times)
Hoosier State Press Association
Michigan Press Association (2 times)
New York Press Association (1 time)
New York Newspaper Association (4 times)
New England Press Association (3 times)
New England Newspaper Association (2 times)
Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

International Newspaper Marketing Association (4 times in Toronto, Boston, Atlanta, Costa Rica)
Newspaper Society (2 times in U.K.)
World Association of Newspapers (Barcelona)
Society of International Publishers (Madrid)

Regional conferences
Inland Press Association
Suburban Newspapers of America (2 times)
Society of Newspaper Design (4 times)
National Newspaper Association
Canadian Newspaper Association

American Press Institute (10 times plus designed their internet-based ad sales training program)

What associations are saying about our conference seminars
"Wow! Your approach to the topic at hand was superb, not just from my point of view but from the members' as well. You were one of the two highest rated discussion leaders for the seminar. I think your expertise and presentation style works extremely well in the conference room.You can rest assured that I'll be asking you back in the future."
                                       -The American Press Institute

"Best of conference two years in a row and voted 'best idea of all time'"
                                       -Suburban Newspapers of America

"The attendees all agree your information was useful and could be applied to his/her newspaper. They absolutely love your style and found you entertaining.  To sum it up, YOU WERE GREAT!"
                                       -New York Press Association

"McInnis wow's 'em at ad sales seminar"
                                       -New England Newspaper Association

"Your program is critical to newspapers' future.  Very valuable, based on the evaluations we received.  Compelling, entertaining, lively, engaging, and informative."
                                       -Society of Newspaper Design

"WOW!  I can't describe how much I learned!" "Wonderful!  Informative! Bob is great!!  Can't believe the time went so quickly.  BRAVO!!"
                                       -American Press Institute participants

"During a time of incredible change in our industry, McInnis & Associates' presentation forces marketing and sales executives to sit up and take notice of the shift in customer perspectives.  It was a hit with INMA attendees two years in a row!"
                                        -Earl J. Wilkinson, INMA Executive Director


Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?
We understand the budget limitations most newspaper associations have and we'll work with you. Whatever you end up paying us, if you ask around, you'll find we're worth it, with attendees leaving both happy and empowered to return to their newspapers and make a number of changes for the better.

What's your availability?
We keep very busy and our schedule is usually booked far in advance. Contact us for availability as early as possible.

What type of newspaper is your program appropriate for?
Having sold, managed, and conducted training at the country's smallest weeklies and the largest dailies, the seminars we conduct at association conferences are appropriate for all kinds of publications. 

What type of audience is best for your conference seminars?
Our seminars are targeted toward publishers, advertising directors, and, especially in the case of a "sales camp", newspaper advertising representatives.

How can I get more information?
What you see here is the extent of the information we have in writing.  We believe you can get a better feel for if we'd be appropriate for your next conference by talking to us and the associations who have had us speak in the past.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to learn more





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