Our Basic Newspaper Advertising Sales Course

Ad sales training to help you to start selling fast in your new territory
This is a sample showing just the first four chapters of this course. Buy the full course here starting at $59 
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Welcome to our ad sales course covering all the basics you'll need to stabilize and start to grow your territory fast.


If you're new to ad sales, this course will teach you exactly what the name says. We're confident it'll make the transition into your new career a smooth one.


This course contains ten lessons, although this sample version only includes the first four. You can buy the entire course  or pair it with our Response Oriented Selling course in a variety of packages, one of which should fit your needs and budget, even if you're a startup or a lone salesperson.


This course is designed to be equally appropriate for weekly, daily, and monthly newspapers as well as for shoppers, magazines, and just about any other kind of print publication into which advertising is sold.


The vast majority of things you'll need to learn--how rate cards work, the difference between circulation and readership, how various pieces of artwork reproduce on newsprint, the different types of competitors you'll encounter and their advantages and disadvantages, how to make a layout, how your current and prospective customers will help and hinder your progress, how to make a presentation, how to overcome the excuses for not buying an ad from you--are surprisingly universal in the publishing industry.


Sure, your own forms will look a bit different, your rate structures and credit policies will vary, but we'll show you how to adapt to them. These distinctions are typically minor and easily grasped by a savvy advertising consultant, which is exactly what you'll be after you complete this course.


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