It happens to even the best ad managers. You hire a great person with little experience. You want to train him thoroughly, but you also have an unmanned territory just sitting there losing revenue. Plus, you have that special section closing later in the week that could use a few more ads.

Wouldn't it be nice if a salesperson could quickly learn everything they need to know to take over, stabilize, and begin growing a territory fast? That's exactly what our training program for new newspaper ad reps is designed to do.

And it's available three ways--online, in an editable document, and in a tape series. Whatever your need and style of training, we've got an option for you!

Click on the buttons at the top to see an outline of the course, view samples, learn more about the different formats available, buy the course, and get help with any questions.


For under 20 bucks, your new ad salesperson gets 30-days of access through an online version of our comprehensive, interactive, self-paced course.
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For $59, our course is also available in QuarkXpress and Word format, so you can customize it further with your own information, creating a comprehensive training manual quickly.
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Need your ad salesperson on the road yesterday? For $129, you can get the entire course on audiotape so your new salesperson can learn even while they're driving around their territory.
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