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"Thanks to McInnis' Webinars, we were able to put them through top notch training at a price we could afford..."
         --Jeanne Straus, Straus Newspapers (see Jeanne's complete feedback below)

" For a long time we've searched for a sales trainer who understood what good local newspaper salespeople go through on the ground. We wanted someone who had real-life, applicable solutions that would work.

Bob McInnis' Response Oriented Selling program is the real thing. We heard McInnis speak at a New York Press Association convention a few years ago and were wowed. We implemented a lot of what he preached and wanted him to come in and teach us more. But we couldn't afford him. Now we can!

Thanks to McInnis' Webinars, we were able to put them through top notch training at a price we could afford. McInnis' sales system works -- it's the right approach to local newspaper sales for the new millennium. Call me if you have more questions."
      --Jeanne Straus, Publisher, Straus Newspapers, Monroe, NY

"Our sales reps were more engaged and responsive during their live on-line training sessions with Bob than with any other sales seminar they've attended. Bob's response oriented sales training has provided our team with a deceptively simple, but powerful tool to deal with objections, while helping our advertising clients get the results they really want. This course is a great investment for any publisher or ad director."
      --Andy Dudzik, Publisher, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, NM

Award-winning Webinars
Take an award-winning ad sales course that until now was affordable to only the largest dailies. Combine it with the latest Web conferencing technology. The result is a highly effective training program delivered live online that's within the budget of any size publication.

Whether you're an ad manager with a small sales staff, are based outside of North America, or have an advertising sales staff that's spread out over two or more offices, you now have the option of participating in our Response Oriented Selling program live over the Internet.

We'd be happy to give you a demonstration of our course. You'll be surprised how easy, effective, and affordable this option can be. Just give us a call at (631) 477-2505.

What Do You Need To Participate?
An Internet connection, a computer, and a separate telephone line for the audio portion. Once you register, you'll receive an email confirmation with all the details you'll need to participate.

Why Should You Attend This Seminar?
1,000's of newspaper advertising departments have used the Response Oriented Selling course to dramatically increase their ad sales. You'll learn simple but effective ways to eliminate upfront stalls and objections, get the information you need from your prospects, create consistently effective ad strategies, make flawless presentations, and effectively overcome size, frequency, content, and rate objections without ever feeling like you're selling.

Who Should Attend?
Inside and outside retail display, classified automotive, real estate, and recruitment display salespeople are the best candidates. Advertising salespeople of all levels have benefited from this course. That's because the specific techniques are very different from what an advertising representative would have been exposed to previously, even though we teach our approach within the consultative selling framework.

What Publications Have Participated In This Course?
Publications of all sizes have participated in the Response Oriented Selling course. Major metro newspapers such as the Providence Journal, Hartford Courant, Cincinnati Enquirer, Honolulu Advertiser, and Tulsa World use the Response Oriented Selling techniques, as do countless dailies in smaller markets. Many weekly newspaper groups use our techniques as well, including Community Newspaper Company, with 106 weeklies, dailies, and shoppers. Having conducted this course at over 400 publications, you probably know some of our clients personally.

How Is Response Oriented Selling Different From Other Ad Sales Approaches?
According to our customers, other programs tend to get bogged down with the mechanics of consultative selling, analyzing customer personalities, and other general sales theories, failing to provide ad reps with the specific, practical tools needed to be truly consultative and change the critical belief behind nearly every prospect's decision not to run: "I don't believe the money I'll spend with your publication will provide a worthwhile return."

In a time when both advertisers and salespeople alike find advertising unpredictable and unreliable, proving that an advertiser will get a strong response is impossible using traditional sales techniques. The problem is compounded by the fact that advertisers hold tightly to their own, often faulty, advertising approaches. They incorrectly blame their lack of response on your newspaper's ineffectiveness and high rates. Their misconception that advertising is an art form--and therefore a subjective process--leads them to believe that their approach is as valid as any other, and advice to the contrary is taken as an insult to their creativity.

Response Oriented Selling teaches advertising salespeople how to easily eliminate these problems head-on, making every sales call more effective and making the idea of cold calling much more attractive. You can watch a movie about our course and download a brochure in PDF form as well.

How Is This Online Course Different From The Live Response Oriented Selling Course?
With a Webinar, the learning experience differs little from the live version. You'll see the same presentation materials you'd see in the live course. You'll hear, Bob McInnis, the same instructor who conducts the on-site version, saying the exact same things. Even the workshops are similar.

How Long Is The Course?
Our standard online course takes place during two full-morning sessions. Target account sessions (where we work one-on-one with each salesperson on an actual presentation), designer training, management sessions, and advertiser sessions are additional.

Can You Conduct The Program Online Privately For One Publication?
Absolutely. We can work around your deadlines and within your budget to create a customized program to meet your needs. Call Bob McInnis for more information at (631) 477-2505.

Can I See A Demo Of The Course And The Presenter's Style?
Sure. Call us at (631) 477-2505 to set up an online demo. You can also email

Contact us for more information, but no matter what your budget, we'll come up with a configuration that provides more value than any other training option.



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