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The company behind this site is McInnis & Associates, a training firm specializing in newspaper advertising sales founded by Bob McInnis.You can read the story of how his experiences in the newspaper industry influenced the creation of his training program here.

McInnis has extensive experience in selling all types of newspaper advertising. Before starting his training firm, he sold, managed, and trained for small weeklies and large dailies alike. His last position before starting his own training firm was training manager for Newsday's advertising department. McInnis, a Dartmouth College graduate, conducts seminars for the American Press Institute and speaks at state, national, and international newspaper conferences.

For the past ten years, we've been teaching our flagship program, Response Oriented Selling, throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This unique training program is one of the most popular in these countries--currently more than 400 newspapers use the techniques.

Our clients include many of the top 100 US daily newspapers such as the Boston Herald, Cincinnati Enquirer, Honolulu Advertiser, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Hartford Courant, and the Spokesman-Review. However, our program is just as applicable to smaller dailies, weeklies, and shoppers and we work with many of them each year. If your training budget allows for bringing in outside trainers or even conducting online meetings, then you might want to contact us for more information.

A few years ago we decided to create another program designed to take on a completely different challenge facing most advertising managers. "Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling Newspaper Advertising Tomorrow" is a course available online, as a downloadable PDF, or an editable document. It takes a completely inexperienced new hire and, as the title suggests, teaches him everything he needs to know to assume a territory and make it productive fast. Since we've made it available online, 100's of newspapers from all over the world have used it, including many of the larger newspaper groups.

Newspaper Advertising Sales Training

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Leading newspaper advertising sales training firm specializing in basic and advanced training for retail and classified display advertising departments, conducted both on-site and now live over the Internet