AD SALES MASTER CLASS: Thursday, February 8th & 15th Registration Deadline: January 31st Give your entire ad department all the tools and techniques for your best year ever. Includes: Two 2-hour ad sales sessions for ad reps 25-page ad sales manual with scripts One-hour training session for designers One-hour coaching session for managers Once-a-week how-to videos and presentations for a year (private sessions also available)


Watch a candid video where a skeptical ad rep shares her experiences with this course. She sent it a few months after her newspaper participated in the course. She shares what she thought it would be like, what it turned out to be, and how it affected her ad revenue in the subsequent months.Our Ad Sales Master Class gives your ad reps powerful new techniques (see "turn your ad reps into superheroes") to close more and larger sales. But that's just the beginning. After we teach your ad reps an easier and more effective system of selling advertising, we then help turn their new skills into real ad revenue by equipping each ad rep with a year's worth of proven ad sales presentations ready to unleash on their prospects--the ones we've found are easiest to sell and sell big.


These "Presentation Packs" include 46 sets of multiple videos and spec ads, each set coaching your ad reps through exactly how to sell a particular high-potential category. The spec ads are stunning and, more importantly, are created from a solid strategy that makes proving response, and closing the sale, easy.


We even provide your designers and managers with specialized training, too, so everyone can support the sales effort.


The entire ad staff can benefit no matter how long they've been selling. It gives new ad reps everything they need to start selling like a pro and, since the techniques are completely new, it's a great supplement to the skills of more experienced ad reps who may be getting discouraged or just need a boost in ad revenue.


Based on our flagship, award-winning Response Oriented Selling program conducted on-site for over 1,000 newspapers, this class starts with a set of two 2-hour webinars in February.


Pricing varies depending on publication size, but all receive the same components of our award-winning course:



Two 2-hour ad sales webinars
In two sessions in February, ad reps will learn new and improved ways to handle every part of the sales process from identifying hidden revenue to cold calling to making winning presentations, closing, and follow up. Topics include:



Cold Calls Made Easy

• Identify high potential advertisers

• Get past upfront stalls

• Overcome initial objections

• Prove you’ll deliver a response

• Retrieve key pieces of information

Becoming A Response Partner

• Learn how to prove the prospect will get a response upfront

• Master a new system of ad strategy creation

• Analyze a prospective advertiser’s business, products, competition

• Transform information into an effective ad strategy


Making Flawless Presentations

• Get agreement that your publication is a good fit

• Get buy-in on the analysis you did for the prospect

• Get buy-in on the effective advertising techniques used

• Prove the proposed recommendation combines the two and will work

• Foolproof closing


Selling Ad Size And Frequency

• Determine the precise ad size for each advertiser

• Sell the ad size the account needs for response

• Determine the best frequency/impressions for each advertiser


Selling Digital Products

• Create effective digital advertising

• Conversion architecture: converting online visitors into customers

• Maximize the client’s digital presence


Overcoming Objections

• Your rates are too high

• Print is dead

• Reduce the ad size

• The other publication is cheaper

• The other publication works better

• Your print and online ads don’t work

• I can’t run that frequently/that many impressions

• I have no money

• I have no time

• You don’t have enough circulation

• You have too much circulation

• I only run with the big daily

• I only run with the weekly

• I just do PPC, social media, online advertising

• My budget is already allocated

• Change the ad (for the worse)

• Participants can bring their own to discuss


Special Considerations: Automotive Dealers and Realtors

• Selling these difficult categories

• Significantly improving response rate



I wanted you to know I just made a $3,900 sale to an RV dealer using the RV Presentation Pack and your one-on-one coaching. Thanks for all your help.

          – Danny Patrick, Coastal Angler Magazine


A year's worth of once-a-week Presentation Packs (ready-made presentations paired with coaching videos)

Let your ad reps look over my shoulder while I research, create, and execute a different presentation each week, walking them through the steps and explaining exactly how to make the sale. Each week, your staff gets an email giving them access to coaching videos explaining the specific steps of the sales call (informational, creating the presentation, and a role-play of the final presentation for customized for each category). Plus how to sell the digital version, selling long copy ads, ads with lots of selection and prices, and all sorts of other specialized videos on various parts of the sale.


The key things the ad rep needs to do at each stage are spelled out in detail, based on my personal successes presenting the same ads directly to my clients' prospects.


So, now you can have access to a suite of live and video-based training and sales tools that previously were only accessible to our larger daily newspaper clients (like the Hartford Courant, Cincinnati Enquirer, Oregonian, and Honolulu Advertiser) but work even better for smaller publications.



"We sold our very first Presentation Pack to a kitchen remodeler. A 4 col x 16" ad for 13 weeks! This advertiser hadn't been interested in running but we followed the Bob's process, getting the prospect to visualize the ad before showing it to him and he signed without a single objection."

          – Michelle Robinson, The Post Register, Idaho Falls, ID





Our first Presentation Pack we presented was the chiropractor one. We sold a $25,000 contract. The advertiser loved it! Keep setting us up and we'll keep knocking them down!

          – Bee Publications, Amherst, NY





150-page new hires course

In addition to our Response Oriented Selling course and Presentation Packs, our membership also gains you access to a 150-page basic course that gives those newer members of your team everything they need to start selling advertising tomorrow, saving you hours (if not days) sitting with a new ad rep going over all the intricate details of their new profession.


The 11 chapters include familiarizing the new ad rep with their publication and various departments, approaching a new territory, ad layout, reading a rate card, reserving space, creating spec ads, calling on new accounts, selling their various products, territory management, conducting the first and second sales calls and overcoming objections.


To be clear, this new hires manual will get ad reps near the level of their competitors, but it won't provide the same approach as our Response Oriented Selling course, which takes their selling abilities to a much higher level. Still, the new hires course is an excellent way to help an ad rep at least stabilize a new territory fast.


We sold three different chiropractors a full-page contract as well as three realtors on a full-page yearly contract using the Presentation Packs

          – Coeur d'Alene Press, Coeur d'Alene, ID



Management coaching session

How does your publication ensure they get the most out of the salespeople's new skills and the program continues to pay off month after month, year after year? In a separate webinar, we show managers how. This special session not only teaches how to get the most out of the program but also shows them an easy approach to managing and coaching their ad reps in these techniques to ensure they stay on track. We'll even tell you where they're likely to go off track and how to help them to nudge them back in the right direction. Includes a management workbook.


Designer training session

In a shorter session, we train your designers on the new techniques your salespeople have learned. They see how the ad reps will be selling using the new techniques, how the designers can support their efforts via effective design techniques, and what to expect to be getting from the ad reps (and what to do if you need additional information).


One-on-one target account sessions (optional for small additional fee)

Once the formal training ends, we begin to work one-on-one with ad reps helping to go after an actual high-potential target account. We "hold the ad rep's hand" through the first run using the approach to help our clients experience an immediate ROI and, more importantly, because our experience tells us the ad rep's most critical questions arise once they start using the techniques. If we're there for them at that point, odds are their first time will be met with success and they'll be hooked on the approach.


We sold a furniture store a huge ad on contract right away. The ad reps find the live Webinars so helpful, they actually ask to attend multiple times, something that's unusual for any ad staff.

          – Medicine Hat News, Medicine Hat, AB



I just sold a local brewing company on a 6 col x 8" ad every week. This was a pure McInnis sale!

          – Shannon Oseen, Post Register



Prospective advertiser seminars (optional for small additional fee)

For a small additional fee, we can conduct a general prospective advertiser webinar where we show them how to succeed with your publication, both in print and digital, sponsored by your newspaper. It showcases the new skills your ad reps have to prove response upfront and deliver it, but to the prospects, it just seems like a great service you're providing to the community.


Today I sold a $13,000 contract to a restaurant with your training and the restaurant Presentation Pack. Thanks Bob!

          – Dustin Patte, Ithaca Times



Every publication is different, so give me a call and we can work out a rate for your particular publication and situation. Generally, we price our services based on the value that various-sized publications will receive. Private and semi-private sessions are also available that include longer sessions and one-on-one coaching.


15,000+ circulation daily or 50,000+ weekly: $6,995


10,000 - 15,000 circulation daily or 30,000 - 50,000 weekly/monthly $4,995


5,000 - 10,000 circulation daily or 5,000 - 30,000 weekly/monthly $2,995


1,200 - 5,000 circulation daily, weekly, or monthly: $1,295


Under 1,200 circulation daily, weekly, or monthly: $895


If you're interested, you can read more about this approach, watch Bob in action, or contact us to learn more.


DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 31st. Class is limited to 5 publications, so call 631-477-2505 or email soon if you're interested.




Everything your ad reps, designers, and managers need to give your department a major revenue boost

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